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Manchester Nightlife March
Sunday 4th July

Meet at Platt Fields Park - M14 6LA

1pm until 5pm

“Industry research indicates that the potential four-week delay to reopening will lead to around 5,000 live music gigs being cancelled, as well as numerous theatre productions across the country, costing hundreds of millions of pounds in lost income.”


  1. The government needs to address the impact of last-minute changes and extensions to Covid regulations and the devastation they are causing to the entertainment and night-time industries - industries already crippled by restrictions.

  2. We need adequate insurance policies in place for live events and venues should they be cancelled due to covid restrictions.

  3. No further delays to re-opening of nightclubs. They must re-open on 19th July.

IMPORTANT!! This is a PEACEFUL protest. Please be respectful of residents and the people of Manchester. We do not want any trouble. We simply want to have our voice heard as the forgotten industry. 

We are still under government restrictions regarding social distancing so if you are attending the protest please bring a mask and follow the current social distancing guidelines. It is important that if you are attending that you input your details in the form below so we can send important information and ensure the day runs smoothly. 

The planned route:

Protest Map.png

If you plan on attending the protest on 4th July 2021 then fill out the form below so we can monitor attendance numbers and police the event properly. We will also keep you updated with any route changes, lineup and schedule:

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